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            Transparent glass ceramics

            Transparent glass ceramics

            After ten years’ development and independent research , the world first Float microcrystalline production line successfully gave its birth in Jingniu Glass Ceramics Group co., Ltd. in October, 2008. Approved by the state ministry of public security fire prevention construction material quality supervision inspection center detection, the fire-resistance and fireproof performance of Jingniu transparent glass ceramics exceed the highest national standard of the fireproof glass. Float glass ceramics still remain as it is after 120 minutes’ test with more than 1,000 centigrades.
             Transparent glass ceramics is a kind of composite phase material which is manufactured on the basis of the theory of even quality crystalizing glass, with lithium as crystal nucleated agent, with nano grade crystal nucleated frame filled with glass. The product has the properties of low thermal expansion coefficient, high chemical stability, strong heat resistance. The features of the product are heated without any expansion, cooled without any shrinking. The product doesn’t change with low temperature of -100 centigrades & high temperature of 1000 centigrades and gets the characteristics of light & sight transparent. It is a new type material which is applied in the field of areospace, electronic thermal engineering, fireproof builing, etc. and is also widely applied to the appliance, such as fireplace, oven, induction cooker, induction ceramics cooker, lightwave stove, etc. Beijing aerospace unit three firstly uses it on the laser spinning top processing equipment, which is the first time that our Group’s aerospace glass ceramics is used in the field of national defence, ending the history of using the imported engineering item supporting frame.    
            color:clear, dark red,  claret- red, etc.


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