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            Jingiu Jade

            Jingiu Jade

            Jingniu Glass Ceramics Group took 6 years and spent RMB500 million yuan for the R&D of the light tansmit jad stone. The light transmit jade stone has not only got the property of no penetration, no aging, no radiation, but also got the property of light transmitable, but not transparent. It is an important invention in the new material field in the world, which marks our country’s another high-tech new product fills the world gap. The product got the honor of the first grade award of technical innovation in the industry of national construction material during “China construction material Cup” in 2007.The product has been filed with China Paten Authority,and protected by the National Association of Construction Glass and the Jingtian Gongcheng leagal Agency in China.

            The Light Transmit Jade Stone has other names as JINGNIU JADE and CRYSTALLITE TINTED JADE etc. It has different colors such as snow-white, cloud-white, buff color,nattier blue, sky blue, jade green, black, etc. The product make you enjoy your colorful life!
            Jingniu jade stone quality as a whole, there are several colors available covers series of half transparent and opaque. It also possess characters of anti-acid and anti-erosion, therefore It can be widely used to interior and exterior wall face at theaters, laboratories, food plants and high-rise buildings. After the process of hot bending, It can be used as column covers. In addition to aforementioned applications, It can be proccessed into sanitary wares, house decoration is applicable. It is real high class decorative material substitutes to natural stones. The production of jade stone does not produce the Three Wastes and junk materials can be recovered for new production. It has been examined by the Chinese Centre for Disease control and Prevention with the result of nontoxic, none irritation, completely bacteria restraining.
            Characters of Light transmit Jade Stone: environmental friend, same quality as whole, crystal and shinning, natural jade texture, luxury and beautiful.

            Property of Light Transmit Jade Stone: high-tech Inorganic Nonmetallic Material, zero water absorption, non-radiation. It may be deep processed such as tempering, hot bending, boring, beveling, etc. It has been examined by Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention with the result of nontoxic, none irritation, completely bacteria restraining.
             Application of Light Transmit Jade Stone: It can be widely applied as decoration material for both exterior and interior wall in luxury hotels, airports, subway stations, hospitals, banks and villa buildings, tec. For furniture making, cabinets, wash sinks, sanitary ware of bathrooms and counter tops, etc. For art works processing such as spray painting, image carving and baking, etc. 
            Installation of Light Transmit Jade Stone:  installation method of glass wall may be applied to this product. Cement for ceramic glass, neutral structural silicone sealant can be utilized as adhesive materials to this product.

            Size: 2440×1500mm  2440×1300mm  2000×1500mm    1500×1200mm   
            Thickness: 6-16mm

            Property of the light transmi jade stone tested by National Construction Material Test Center
            Volume density: 2.4-2.5 g/cm3 ­ 
            Compressive strength:≥400 Map
            Bending strength: ≥35Mpa 
            Coefficient of thermal expansion: (30-200) 60×10-7 k
             Glossiness: ≥95                  
            Modulus of elasticity: ≥40000-60000 Map
            Radioactivity:  meet standard of Grade A decoration materials.  
            Water absorption: 0%
            Acid and alkali resistance: 650h,k≤0.5%  no change of apperance.

            Jingniu Jade can be deep processed as bending, toughening, drilling, edge polishing and so on
            钢化后强度承受300多公斤 透光玉石弯钢工艺 透光玉热弯工艺 透光玉双边磨


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            1.  Warmly Congratulating the decoration of JINGNIU JADE on the Shanghai Expo

                Chian Pavilion  Argentina Pavilion

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