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            industrial rolling microcrystal slabs

            industrial rolling microcrystal slabs

             Industrial microcrystal slabs was developed by China Jingniu Glass Ceramics Group Co. Ltd. which spent 20 years including 10 years’ product developing and 10 years’ market developing. The product is a high tech product with R & D cost of  RMB1.2 billion which fill the national gap. The Group established the first national standard of Industrial microcrystal slabs in China. The product is made from various mineral waste residues, through the process of melting, rolling and forming, crystallizing, annealing. It is a hi-tech industrial protective material with the properties of  high strength, high wear resistant, erosion resistance . The product can massively substitute cast stone, stainless steel, cast iron, UPE high density board, acid-proof brick, granite, marble, etc. The products can be widely applied to the industries of coal, steel, metallurgy, power, chemistry, etc. such as the bunkers, hopper, sluice scraper device and other locations  of  surface process .In the meantime, as a building decoration material, the product is a environmental friendly building material with its properties of bright and clean, elegant appearance, without color aberration, no air slaking, no radio contamination.
            The character of Rolling microcrystal slabs and its varieties, color, specification
            • The major varieties of rolling glass ceramics: industrial original slabs, polished industrial slabs, decoration original slabs, polished decoration slabs
            • major color: pearl black, ivory white, Agate Red , natural grey
            • plate size: thickness: 6mm---20mm
                          length: random
                        width: 800 mm
            • character:  wear resistant, erosion resistance, impact resistance; bigger specification,plate is thinner,the  surface is even and straight;no radiation,no pollution,zero water absorption rate, high brightness;light in weight,convenient for cutting operation.
            1.  wear resistance
               Rolling microcrystal slabs get excellent wear resistant, its wear-resisting extent  reaches 0.055g/cm2, which is 2-3 times that of the cast stone (0.09g/cm2),7-8 times that of manganese steel, 15-20 times that of cast  iron.
            2. Erosion resistance
              The erosion resistance of Rolling microcrystal slabsis superior to acid-proof bricks, marble, granite, and common cast stone. It has both acid & alkali resistance, especially it can also be used in the surrounding of the acid & alkali shift.
            3. Impact resistance
              The impact resistance of Rolling microcrystal slabs can reach 3.08KJ/M2, it is 2 times that of common stone, and can meet the need of  major material conveying locations.
            4. Low friction coefficient
              The friction coefficient is only 0.05, its surface becomes more smooth with more usage.No hanging  ocurrs, which  avoids blocking the bunker with more material hanging on the surface.
            5. Thin & light
              The range of the thickness of Rolling microcrystal slabs is 8 -20mm. Most cases, the 14mm can simply meet the practical needs. Its specific gravity is only 2.72g/cm3,  which is one third of steel, It can increase the inner cubage of the bunker, and decrease the weight of the equipment and the bunker itself.
            6. Site cutting
             Rolling microcrystal slabs can be cut  on site with portable cutting saw,which is convenient for construction installation.
            7. Environmental friendly and no pollution.


             History of the development of industrial rolling glass ceramics plate in China     
            On Aug.15,1994,Official start of the construction of  Xingtai Production line;
            In 1995,Ignition put into production;
            In May 1999,Scale production & meet the standard;
            On Oct.14,1999,passed The Expert Appraisement at Beijing diaoyutai state guesthouse
            obtaining 4 items of national patent;
            In Oct.2002,obtaining patent gold award;
            In 2004,the product was listed in “The People's Republic of Reinforced Concrete Silos Design Specification”(GB50077-2003) , and thereby  special explanation is made on rolling microcrystal slabs, saying  Jingniu Group is the  drafting unit;
            In Jan.2011, examine and approve on the standard of  China “Industrial microcrystal slabs” which is drafted by Jingniu Group;
            In Dec.2011, “Industrial microcrystal slabs” was issued in China.

              Honor & Patent Certificate
            The standard making unit of  Industrial microcrystal slabs in China,the major hi-tech enterprise & executive unit of  the State Torch Plan, innovation award of cooperation between  production,institute and research,  14 patent of items,such as microcrystal glass furnace bath,forming machine,annealing track pit,obtaining the best item title of China 15 year’s Patent exhibition of achievement.

            PRACTICAL CASE:

            Since the inception of Rolling microcrystal slabs, 500 well-known enterprises from the industries of steel,power, coal,coking,chemical etc., such as, India Electrosteel Integrated Ltd.(EIL), Tangsteel Group, Laisteel Group, Handansteel Group, Shasteel Group, Shougang Group, and Wuhan Iron And Steel Company Limited,Malysia Mukah power plant,2th phase of th project of Jiangsu Leogane Power plant,Expansion project of Datang Huanyin Jinzhushan Power Plant, Dangtang tuoketuo power plant,2nd Adolescence project of Shangdong Weifang Power Plant;Shangdong Jining International Coking,Shangxi jiexiu Coal Washery,Shanghai Coal Steel Coking, etc. firstly use microcrystal slabs getting the aim of energy saving, consumption  reduction and efficiency increase .

            steel industry

            power industry

            coal industry

            building decoration

            More than 60 designing institutes & cooperation units:

            Power designing institute: NCPE, reconnaissance & Design Institute of Power Industry    
            in Guangdong(Guangxi ,Fujian,Hunan,Jilin),North East (North west, Anhui, Inner Mongolia) power designing institute,     
              Metallurgical steel design institute: Shandong provincial Metallurgical design institute  Co., Ltd. Beijing steel design institute, China
            metallurgical Coke Resistant Engineering Co.,Ltd.
             Designing Institute of Handan Steel & Iron Co.Ltd.
            China metallurgical (Jingcheng, heatresisting,North,South) Engineering Co., Ltd. etc.
            Coal Designing Institute: Shanxi Coal Designing Institute, Northwest Coal Designing Institute, Beijing Coal Designing Institute, Saiding
            Engineering Co.,Ltd.Tangshan Coal Designing Institute, etc.
            Chemical engineering Designing Institute: Dalian Dahua Designing Institute,Hua Liu

            the second revolution of Paper Industry:

            Supporting with the high strength erosion resistant aluminium alloy frame of excellent quality, by high-precision milling the surface of the base material into  mirror-surface grade with CNC equipment, the whole dewatering equipment of microcrystal is processed with the China unique high tech rolling microcrystal plate as the base material which is solely developed by Jingniu Glass Ceramics Group Co., Ltd. The product has the property of whole body board & even and smooth surface without any connection gap on the top, wear resistant with low friction coefficient, fine and smooth material quality, same quality of both its interior and exterior. The product is used for dewatering in the fourdrinier section, obtaining the aim of saving mesh & power and improving the quality & the productivity. Which solve the difficult problem of “While Using UPE, the top  board is not wear resistant, while using ceramic, the mesh is not wear resistant”. The product has been used by the 300 domestic paper mills, which is satisfying with a good result of creating RMB10 billion annually. The second revolution of paper industry thereby is called regarding the renovation of the fourdrinier section.

             Microcrystal dewatering equipment for paper making is suitable for various pulps of bamboo pulp,reed pulp,wood pulp,straw pulp and sugarcane pulp

            Specialty paper: Shanghai Mint
                                          Tianjin Mint
                                          Jiamusi Paper Co., Ltd. Heilongjiang
                                          Sun Paper Co., Ltd. Shandong Province
            Paper Mills of bamboo pulp: Yongfeng Paper Co., Ltd. Sichuan Province
                                                               Fuhua Paper Co., Ltd., Leshan, Sichuan Province
                                                               Yibin Paper Co., Ltd., Sichuan Province
            Paper Mills of reed pulp: Meili Paper Co., Ltd., MCC
                                                         Tianhong Paper Co., Ltd., Xinjiang
                                                         Bohu Reed Co., Ltd. Xinjiang
            Paper Mills of wood pulp: Sida Paper Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang
                                                          Huajin Paper Co., Ltd., Jilin province
                                                          Changle Shiji Sunshine Paper Co., Ltd., Shandong Province
            Paper Mills of straw pulp: Changxing Paper Factory, Shaoyang, Hunan Province
                                                           Fengli Paper Co., Ltd., Yueyang, Hunan Province
                                                           Binggong Paper Co., Ltd., Jingzhou, Hubei Province
            Paper Mills of bagasse pulp: Forestry Lipu Paper Co., Ltd. Guangxi Province
                                                                Sugarcane Chemical (Group) Co., Ltd. Jiangmen, Guangdong Province



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