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            Chronic defect kills people and New material solve problems

            Chronic defect kills people and New material solve problems

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              Chronic defect kills people and New-type of material solve problems

             Jingniu “4-resistance” Glass-ceramic detonates the second revolution in cement industry
                It is a chronic defect that cleaning cement crust is prone to accidences in cement industry. On Jan.9, 2018, six workers of Zhangjiakou Cement company died due to collapse of a large number of cement crust during cleaning operation in cement silo. Similarly,in Oct. 2017, collapse occurred during silo cleaning operation at Handan  cement company, causing 3 dead and two wounded. Two same accidents occur within 100 days one after another caused by crust collapse. Thus how to prevent safety accident has raised high attention and concern of superior leaders and the society. According to an article on cement that auto cleaning technology is introduced, manual operation reduced and even replaced, it can effectively avoid casualty accident. Certainly the best way is the world’s first “4-ressitance” glass-ceramic product developed by Jingniu. It can primarily end the history of manual cleaning and blasting cleaning of cement industry in recent 100 years if glass-ceramic is installed to grate cooler, pre-heater, mill lining and raw material silo.
                After 30 years’ effort of all relevant people, China’s vertical kiln technology of small scale and poor quality has been totally replaced with rotary kiln technology of large scale and good quality. The first revolution in cement industry is achieved. However cement kiln is usually accompanied with high-temperature, high corrosion, high abrasion and high energy consumption, equipment performance is limited by large power, serious abrasion and easy crusting that have become bottleneck in safety operation of cement industry. Recently Jingniu has developed the first abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance and impact resistance glass-ceramic against shortcomings in cement production. The four-resistance glass-ceramic has opened up a world between metal and nonmetal, and applied to high-temperature and scouring equipment of grate cooler, pre-heater, high-temperature shutter and lining of cement mill. In  Oct. 2016, “four-resistance” product is used in companies of Jinyu Taihang cement, Zanhuang Jinyu cement, Xingtai Yongning cement and CUCC(Neiqiu) cement. A test liner is installed in No.6 mill of typeΦ4200x1300 in Jinyu Taihang cement plant, there is no noticeable abrasion to the “4-resistance” glass-ceramic liner after one year’s operation. Furthermore the weight of previous liner (exclude stainless bolts) is reduced by 60% and energy consumption of mill is substantially lowered. “Four-resistance glass-ceramic equips triple air-lock gate, chute of CUCC (Neiqiu) company, equipment maintenance is reduced and service life is doubled. It is installed to grate cooler and preheater of Zanhuang Jinyu cement, end the history of manual cleaning and blasting cleaning of cement industry in recent 100 years that cause accidents. It is installed in material silo of Xingtai Yongning cement and solve the problem of abrasion and silo accident. Because it is of zero water absorption, high gloss and long service life, “four-resistance glass-ceramic won’t lead to silo accident as a lining material. More than one-year’s test shows that Jingniu “4-resistance glass-ceramic product can optimize configuration of cement-making equipment and enhance quality and quantity of economic growth of cement industry, overcome defects of manual cleaning and blasting cleaning in cement industry  that cause accidents, have forced the second technological revolution in cement industry and receive high praise of engineering technicians from many cement companies, “Jinngiu “4-resistance” glass-ceramic is new type rare material that can save energy and enhance efficiency”



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